Tarot and Thelema presented by Gregory P. Brown, M.D.

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07-30-2017 2:00 pm - 07-30-2017 5:00 pm
Nevada State Museum
Address: 309 S Valley View Blvd, Las Vegas, Nevada 89107

Dr. Gregory Brown explores the symbolism and methods of the Tarot in relation to Thelema. Including the ways Crowley suggested use of the cards, Thelemic practices associated with the cards, and some areas for self study as suggested in the Book of Thoth.

In addition he will cover the hero’s journey model, the ascent through the Tree of Life model, the archetypal symbolism in the cards and their combination, as well as the comparison of the cards to Tree of Life paths.

What the class is NOT: how to shuffle cards, how to lay out cards for particular readings, how to do a tarot reading.

Please bring your favorite deck of cards (Thoth deck is recommended)

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