OTO Initiation Paperwork Deadline!

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08-09-2017 All day
Address: 23A Wembley Hill Rd, Wembley, Greater London HA9 8AS, UK

Cari Sorores, Fratres, et Amici;

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Khonsu Encampment is pleased to announce that we will be hosting guest initiators from Golden Lotus O.T.O. on the weekend of September 30th and October 1st 2017 e.v. to perform Minerval 0° and Man & Brother / Woman & Sister initiations I°, here in Las Vegas!

For those of you interested and qualified to take 0° or I° you must have your paperwork and fees completed and turned in no later than August 9th 2017 e.v.

To request applications for either degree or if you have any questions, please contact khonsuoto@gmail.com ASAP.

Once again, you must have your paperwork completed and fees turned in no later than August 9th.

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