I° Study Group (Private)

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02-11-2018 6:30 pm - 02-11-2018 7:30 pm

To the Initiates of the Man of Earth in the Valley of Las Vegas, NV;

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Please join Khonsu Encampment for the first in a series of Man of Earth Degree Study Groups, the first of which will serve as a initial orientation for an ongoing exploration of the preliminary initiatory system of the Ordo Templi Orientis.

For this meeting, we will cover the I° Man and Brother
Woman and Sister

Please be advised that this is not a public event; only those of the I° will be admitted. Please arrive promptly at 6:30 pm.

These Study Groups will be an interactive session wherein O.T.O. initiates can explore such Degree-related topics as M.’.M.’.M.’. Symbolism, Modes of Recognition, Study Packets, Reading Lists, and more.

Love is the law, love under will.

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